Residential and Commercial Design Services

"We understand the importance of designing cost effective and energy efficient space, which achieve significant cost savings over the life of the building."

Whether you are building a new home, renovating or extending an existing home – K3studio has not only the skills and knowledge to draft your building plans but also make suggestions to improve your design and make your vision a reality. This may include energy efficiency, layout flow, appearance and aesthetics.

Whether you are planning a new shop, interior design or need ideas to refresh and upgrade your interior – K3studio offers multiple arrangements and commercial fit-out designs that are cost-friendly and functional.

Our range of design services includes:

  • Single and Double Story House Plans
  • Extensions, Additions and Renovations
  • Patios, Garages, Gazebos and Decks
  • Landscape Design, Retaining Walls and Screen Walls
  • Multi-Unit Developments
  • Architectural Detailing and Room Layouts
  • DA Approvals and Building License Drawings
  • Commercial Fit-outs

2D Drafting services

K3studio’s is committed to provide quality CAD and BIM drafting services to client satisfaction. More and more, companies choose to have their drawings digitized as it provides extra possibilities for the application of 2D and 3D information and professional presentation. A digital system is easier to manage and simplifies filing floor plans.

K3studio redraft, digitize and vectorize floor plans and other technical drawings into the same uniform and professional presentation (BIM - Building Information Model).

Our range of design services includes:

  • As- built models or drawings
  • 2D scan to CAD & BIM
  • Real estate plans
  • Evacuation Diagrams
  • Technical drawings

3D drafting services & Color Perspective Renders

You want to have 3D plan views, street views or internal renders and walk through your dream property before it is even built, to get a better idea of your future space. Our 3D architectural renderings add that extra punch of realism and you can have images that are vibrant, realistic and bring your vision to life.


K3studio can prepare a scope of works for trade or service and is often used by tradesmen who are looking to quantify their material and labor rates. These are formed by completing a mini bill of quantities for any specific trade. The required documents are a site plan, working drawings (preferably construction issue), structural engineering, civil engineering, soil test and landscape plan.